Kelsey BorzaReporter

Connect With Kelsey Borza

Kelsey Borza is a reporter on The Morning Show, covering the interesting people, must-visit places, and exciting things to do in Southeast Texas!

She moved to Beaumont with her husband in October 2017 after living in Lexington, Kentucky where she was a reporter for 3 years.

This is her third job in television news, starting her career in the small town of Beckley, West Virginia.

She graduated from Ohio University (the green one, not the red one) in 2012 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Kelsey is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania but prefers to just visit the northeast cold and not live in it!

When she’s not out meeting new people and discovering new places on The Morning Show, Kelsey enjoys working out at a local CrossFit gym, shopping in Houston, and exploring the state of Texas with her husband and friends.

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