Winnie native Vance McDonald comes home to his own food creation


San Francisco 49ers tight end Vance McDonald is considered a hometown hero in Winnie - so much so that he has his own dish at a local eatery.

"You toast the bun, make sure you lay out all your cheese on your bread to get it to melt, spread," McDonald tells KFDM News. "I did a mayonnaise ranch mix. I got my lettuce. I diced it really small. In the meantime, you can put your four meats ahead - ham, turkey, bacon and roast beef - on the griddle, warming up and getting nice and seared. And then, put it all together. It makes a very nice sandwich.

"I think we called it officially the 49er. It's got four meats, so that's we're going to call it."

Watch our report with McDonald and the good folks at Brewed Awakenings in Winnie.

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