Police: Man dead for days when found in drug rehab facility in Woodville

Police: Man dead for days when found in drug rehab facility in Woodville

Woodville Police are investigating a death and the circumstances surrounding it after a 22-year-old Livingston man’s body was discovered in a drug rehabilitation facility, after he had been dead for a few days.

According to Woodville Police Captain Mike McCulley, officers responded at about 5:30 Wednesday evening to the facility in the 400 block of Pine Street, which is also U.S. Highway 287.

According to McCulley the death is being investigated as a natural death, and the initial thought is that the man died from accidental asphyxiation following a seizure. Meanwhile, McCulley said that investigators are waiting for the results of an autopsy being conducted in Jefferson County.

McCulley said “He was a resident at a little rehab center we have here in Woodville, and apparently the other patrons who were living there started smelling something and apparently he’d been gone (deceased) for a couple of days, so we’re investigating as to why it took so long to discover him”.

Also under investigation is the facility itself, which was located inside a home in a residential area with houses sitting side-by-side, and nearby is Wheat Elementary School and Woodville Intermediate School. So close, in fact, that the facility sits in a school zone.

McCulley said the police department was unaware of any such facility operating in their city, and they’re looking for any type of license that the facility was operating under.

Meanwhile, Captain McCulley said the name of the deceased is expected to be released on Friday after next-of-kin have been notified.

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