Kountze ISD releases statement about child killed when hunting rifle accidentally goes off

From Kountze ISD - "Kountze ISD lost a 6th grade student due to a horrific accident the evening hours of 8 Nov 2017. Trintin Glenn was a student at Kountze Intermediate School. He was very well liked and enjoyed by his teachers and fellow students. Trintin attended Kountze Schools since kindergarten. He actively participated in the youth football league, little dribblers, little league baseball, and academic math with the University Interscholastic League. His vibrant personality made him a joy to be around. He was an avid skateboard and bicycle enthusiast. Additionally, he attended Cornerstone Baptist Church where his infectious smile was greeted at the door.

What we will do for Trintin now is remember him with love. We will see him, not in person, but in our minds and memories on the playground where he ran and played and laughed with others; we will see him in our minds and hearts in the halls and classrooms where he learned and grew and was such an important part of us.

We will keep that memory of Trintin alive in our hearts and minds; we will keep our love of him ever fresh, ever new; we will continue to see him with the eyes of memory, and we will cherish that memory as something very special—something very special indeed."

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