Angel San Juan reports on water woes in Port Arthur

Port Arthur is asking residents to conserve water as the cold threatens to create more water leaks in the city.

It was only a few weeks ago we reported families and businesses were experiencing problems with water pressure because of a number of leaks. The Water Utilities Department seemed to have gotten a hold of the problem-until the freeze took hold.

"Been trying, like I said, get our life back in order, and it's kind of hard to trying to get away from the water."

Water problems have been plaguing a Port Arthur mother since Tropical Storm Harvey. She asked us not to identify her.

Harvey brought chest deep flooding to her neighborhood. When she returned home a month later, she faced more water intrusion.

"Kept noticing the water kind of building, by the shed, just getting a little bit higher. We were wondering where it was from."

The culprit was a leak in the alley behind her home. It's flooded her backyard, making it impossible for her daughters to go out and play.

"Kept calling. They're like, yes, I know, we're going to get it fixed, it'll get down, but we're still waiting."

Turns out she wasn't alone. City officials say a dry spell after Harvey caused the ground to shift and pipes to break.

Crews with the Water Utilities Department have repaired more than 20 leaks, but six active leaks remain.

"We've got water going to all of our businesses, all of our residences. There's not an issue with that, but we still encourage folks to save water because there are still leaks out there," said LaRisa Carpenter with the City of Port Arthur.

The winter blast this week created more water woes.

"Due to the cold weather, we've had 23 phone calls this morning reporting possible leaks, and the crews are out investigating those," said Carpenter.

Adding to the worries of some residents--how leaks are affecting their water bills.

"Have noticed a little increase on it, so kind of concerned about that, you know."

If you need to report a water leak, you can call the city's water department at 983-8550. If it's busy, keep calling or log onto and click the 'let us know' tab.

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