Update on incident involving workers at independent oil & gas producer on Spindletop dome

Workers impacted by an incident at a site operated by an independent oil and gas producer and well operator on the Spindletop dome are all expected to make full recoveries.

Last week, three workers were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas at the site. One was transported to a hospital. The two others were checked out at the site.

An independent oil & gas producer and well operator on the Spindletop dome operates the site. The workers hit a pocket of gas while drilling and a few were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas near Caliche’s Coastal Caverns Facilities.

Coastal Caverns is not the owner nor operator of the well. Its employees weren't involved, other than to direct Jefferson County emergency personnel to the affected area. Caliche Coastal does not drill for, produce or store oil, and oil was being extracted when the incident occurred.

"The safety of all workers near or on our property remains of the utmost importance to us and that includes non-Coastal Caverns employees," said Darrell Hall, Coastal Caverns plant manager in a statement to KFDM/Fox 4 News. "We were relieved to hear that everyone is expected to make full recoveries and we are working with the aforementioned oil & gas producer to ensure that this doesn’t happen again."

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