Violent crime rate significantly lower in Beaumont; statistics no comfort to one family

0509 Crime After Harvey.JPG

Tropical Storm Harvey brought pain and suffering, devestating rainfall, and left many Southeast Texans wondering, what's next?

What we've uncovered about crime after Harvey might surprise you. It's down.

"I think we've addressed that over the last year very, very hard," says Beaumont Police Chief Jim Singletary. "It's showing up a bit".

According to BPD, homicides are down almost 40 percent, and homicides and burglaries are down more than 20 percent.

Singletary says Harvey is a big factor to that, which brought police out in large numbers.

"We didn't have significant looting, cause we concentrated on that and some of our officers were making calls in dump trucks and boats." says Singletary.

The statistic doesn't help those who have suffered from violent crimes, like Tracie Blackshire.

"When I got to him, they were still working on him, and just seeing that, he wasn't responding at all," says Blackshire.

Blackshire's son, Anthony Green, was killed on December 28th, shot outside J and J's Car wash on Washington Boulevard.

"It's hard just knowing he's not around anymore, but he's in a better place," says Blackshire.

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