Residents say crime increasing, councilmen works to install 'official' watch group

bevil oaks watchgroup.JPG

Bevil Oaks city councilmen Greg Emmons says at one point, the City of Bevil Oaks had a neighborhood watch program comprised of citizens and Jefferson County deputies.

"We actually had a substation over at our civic center for the department so our relationship is very good," says Emmons.

Tropical Storm Harvey washed out that group, and many of the houses in the town, leaving a long rebuilding effort for its residents, and leaving houses open to thieves.

"It's minor looting type stuff, people assume these houses are abandoned and they're going in and taking stuff out."

Recently, residents have seen things like trailers and cash taken from their properties, and feel an increase in crime in the area.

Kfdm/Fox 4's Chris Mullooly has more details.

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