Port Arthur crews working to restore water pressure

Port Arthur crews working to restore water pressure

Crews in Port Arthur are working to restore water pressure after it dropped due to multiple factors, according to a city spokesperson.

The city attributes the problem to cold temperatures, water consumption, water main breaks, and pipes breaking at people's houses.

Much of the city's sub-courthouse had to shut down operations Thursday due to the low water pressure.

"Right now our water utilities department has all of their crews out responding to the water main break as well as the resident calls," says Risa Carpenter, a spokesperson for the City of Port Arthur.

Carpenter says broken water lines have prompted more than 200 people to ask for help with turning off service at their meters.

To have your water meter serviced, call 983-8550.

"We are encouraging residents to check their pipes and see if their don't have any that are busted if they do give us a call and we can come shut water off at the meter box just to stem the flow," says Carpenter.

As the ice makes its exit, work crews are making their entrances into neighborhoods, trying to fix the problems the cold weather left behind.

"We have a bunch of leaks that we are trying to fix and just to say to the citizens of Port Arthur that we are working hard and we are working around the clock," says Clarence Ross, a supervisor for Port Arthur Water Utilities.

The City of Port Arthur asks that residents do not drip water from their pipes while temperatures are above freezing, because it contributes to low water pressure throughout the city.

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