Port Arthur Bob Bowers Civic Center safety issues and proposed changes

    Port Arthur Bob Bowers Civic Center safety issues and proposed changes

    Plans are underway to toughen rules and improve safety at the Bob Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur.

    The center's manager says a number of security issues have developed during recent class reunions at the civic center.

    Most, he say, can be traced back to alcohol.

    Another proposed change to improve safety is to end events one hour earlier -- at midnight.

    The Port Arthur City Council will have to approve the proposed changes.

    City officials are taking the public's feedback about civic center safety until next Wednesday, Aug. 15.

    Click here for the Port Arthur Civil Center Policy Suggestion Form.

    Additional information below:

    During recent class reunions at the Civic Center there have been multiple security issues. Most of the problems have been attributed to over-attendance, severe drunkenness and fighting. This has been a reoccurring problem at other functions as well. After meeting with the Port Arthur Police and Civic Center Departments along with our Interim City Manager, the proposed changes were developed.

    All events will end at midnight, and out of the building at 1:00 am (currently events end at 1:00 am and out by 2:00 am) ending the events at midnight will reduce the level of drunkenness an agitation.

    All events wishing to serve alcohol must have a cash bar, a TABC certified Bar Tender, along with being an approved vendor by the City of Port Arthur. Our current policy is BYOB. Eliminating BYOB, and using a cash bar will limit drunkenness, underage drinking and put the responsibility on the vendor and off the organizers.

    Increase the cleaning deposit from $500.00 to $1000.00 and rename it a “Building Deposit.” Increasing the cleaning deposit will allow more cash in reserve from the organizers to ensure cleaning time and payments for any outstanding needs.

    The Civic Center will provide wrist bands to the event organizer for the number of guests planning to attend. This will limit the number of persons entering reunions, class dances, Quinceañeras and the like. NO wrist band, NO entry and the individual must leave. Placing a number limit will help ensure attendance does not exceed the expected total of participants.

    The Civic Center is asking for your comments and suggestions on the proposed changes that are to be presented during one of our upcoming City Council meetings. Responses will be received from August 2 - 15, 2018. Click on the following link to submit your suggestions on this matter.

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