Police say man attacked 60-year-old woman, knocked her down and stole her purse


    Beaumont Police say a man attacked a 60-year-old woman, knocked her down and stole her purse.

    Witnesses told investigators that man, Daniel Berry, 27, knocked the woman down Tuesday afternoon at the Stadium Shopping Center in south Beaumont, punched her in the head and stole her purse.

    Officers arrested him a few minutes later.

    Berry spoke with us as officers were taking him from police headquarters to a squad car for the ride to jail.

    "What's up cuz," Berry said to our Peter Eliopoulos.

    Peter asked Berry if he beat up the woman.

    "Yeah, I wish it was an old man," Berry told Peter.

    "He's extremely dangerous," said Officer Carol Riley. "Anyone who will randomly beat someone up and steal their purse. You heard him. He didn't care if it was a man or woman. So we are glad to have him off the street and that officers were nearby to catch him quickly."

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