Police investigate reports of two attempted kidnappings in Beaumont


Beaumont and Lamar University police departments are investigating two attempted kidnappings in the city's south end.

The incidents have parents on high alert, specifically in the Pear Orchard neighborhood, where three Blanchette Elementary students barely escaped a possible abduction.

The three girls were walking home from school Monday afternoon, when a white car pulled alongside them on West Virginia Street.

One of the girls' mother, Camille Murry, said, "It was two black guys, and one white female, they say it was a white car. My daughter said it was low, she thinks it's a Chevy or a Honda. She says it has black rims."

The girls say a man got out of the car and started chasing one of them who lives at Virginia Estates apartments. That 10-year-old's mother, Curley Spiller, told us, "He kept chasing my baby, until she made it to the complex. It could have been worse, but God didn't let that happen."

Both moms say they've warned their daughters about "stranger danger", and that's why they believe the girls knew what to do when confronted with a threat.

Earlier that same day, a similar incident was reported on the campus of Lamar University. A student was walking to class when a car approached her. The driver told her classes had been canceled, and offered her a ride. The student got nervous and walked away.

That car too was white, and had three people inside of it. Lamar police issued a campus alert.

The Blanchette students' moms fear the motive behind the incidents is human smuggling.

BPD is encouraging parents to speak with their children about stranger danger, and what to do if they are approached by strangers.

Make sure your child knows:

* How to give a police officer her name, address, and home phone number

* If someone follows him or tries to force him into a car, run the opposite direction and scream

* Use the buddy system when walking home from school or playing outside

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