Report: Train cars with 10 million pounds of human feces left abandoned in Alabama town


WASHINGTON (Circa) - Rail cars loaded with nearly ten million pounds of human feces are stranded in Parrish, Alabama, according to a report by CNN.

According to the report, the cars have been left on the rails for two months, and the smell is permeating through the town. The excrement doesn't even belong to residents; it was hauled in from a waste management facility in the New York/New Jersey Metro area.

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The cars were heading to Big Sky Environmental a large privately owned landfill in Adamsville, but a neighboring town filed an injunction preventing the train and its waste from being stored in a railyard, according to CNN. The order was passed, and the train and its cars were transported to the town of Parrish.

As the summer months are fast approaching, residents of the town are growing concerned about the poop filed cars resting in the nearby rail yard. In an interview with CNN, one resident related the smell to that of rotting bodies.

The report added that both the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection Agency have said the material isn't dangerous. Big Sky said the train and its waste was only supposed to be held in Parrish for ten days; now they are not sure when they will be removed.

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