Meat packing group loses name to opponents after tax failure

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    The building of a controversial meat-packing plant is in limbo after having its charter forfeited.

    KFDM/FOX 4 has obtained forms from Texas Secretary of State David Whitley's office showing the East Texas Packing Company failed to file its franchise tax report in time, and the name of the company has since been filed by a member of the 'Concerned Citizens of Tyler County' group, who are the main opponents to the company.

    "I think the city has a chance to do the right thing for the people to determine if this is what's in their best interest," says Dallas Barrington, an attorney representing the Concerned Citizens group.

    Barrington says the reason he went to city council Monday was to bring the situation to their attention.

    "If a group doesn't take care of simple business things like filing state reports, how can we trust them to take care of business and the environment in our communities and treat our citizens fair?"

    KFDM/Fox 4's Chris Mullooly has the exclusive.

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