Two Vidor men accused of stealing excavator, trailer

Arlington Wood, 49, is charged with third degree felony theft. (Photo provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

Two Vidor men accused of stealing an excavator from a work site near Taylor Bayou and a trailer from a business in Winnie were arrested Thursday morning on felony theft charges, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office announced in a news release.

James Hoffpauir, 52, and Arlington Wood, 49, are also suspected in other thefts in surrounding counties, the news release states.

Deputies responded around 1:50 a.m. to a suspicious vehicle call on Boondocks Road, where the caller noticed a truck pulling a trailer loaded with an excavator.

They found the truck on Highway 73 near Boonbocks Road. Investigators determined the excavator had been stolen from a Jefferson County Drainage District No. 6 work site on Highway 124 near Taylor Bayou, and they say the trailer was stolen earlier in the night from a business in Winnie.

Hoffpauir and Wood were both arrested and charged with third degree felony theft.

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