Stores prepare to offer Black Friday deals

Black Friday Deals

The music at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont is greeting Black Friday shoppers a little earlier this year.

That's because some stores around the area have extended their Black Friday deals, in order for people to get the savings they want, without having to deal with the hassle of long lines.

"I think a lot of retailers are pushing that day sooner and sale sooner to kind of even out the craziness of Black Friday," says Kathy Kuenstler.

Kuentstler is an assistant manager at JC Penney, and says Hurricane Harvey victims will be able to score on many appliances and items that may have been lost or damaged in the storm.

"Being a victim myself of Hurricane Harvey, I'm happy that not only is it great nationwide these deals are happening it's a great thing for the economy right now and our specific area. People are trying to rebuild and regain their homes," says Kuenstler.

At Best Buy, manager David Cross says this Black Friday will be more organized than in the past, and that supplying and revitalizing the local economy and homeowners, is his number one goal

"You know after Harvey came through we really look forward to helping our customers get their homes back together," says Cross.

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