Staged drunk driving crash scene spreads awareness to students


    A dramatization, part of the Shattered Dreams program by Nederland High School students and first responders, is designed to spread awareness of what can happen if you drink and drive.

    "It puts an impact on my life. It makes me never want to take a sip of alcohol in my life," said Hunter Sonnier.

    Sonnier is a senior at Nederland HS. He plays a role in the crash scene.

    The Shattered Dreams program hits close to home.

    "One of my friends went through a drunk driving accident with his dad and I can't even explain how he would feel," said Sonnier. "It's terrible."

    According to The Right Step, about every 20 minutes in Texas someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving a drunk driver.

    Sonnier says he hopes his classmates are paying attention.

    "It makes you think twice about what you do out of school on the weekends. You can impact someone's life. You just never know what could happen. It makes you think twice."

    The staged scene is put together every four to five years. The goal is that each student knows the consequences of drinking and driving.

    "It's a strong thing to think about, like it is a car wreck with drunk driving, and so it's serious to everyone. It should be," said Lauryn Hughes.

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