Special Report: Man from the U.K. brings attention to local woman's medical needs

Special Report: Man from the U.K. brings attention to local woman's medical needs

Ciera Vaidya always has a smile on her face, despite the challenges she faces with her wheelchair.

"It has stopped on me in the middle of the crosswalk as cars were coming, on the way back and forth to the gym, in the hallway, in front of people, behind people, its been kind of a pain," says Vaidya.

Ciera was born with a rare condition called Amyoplasia. That's when her skeletal muscles are replaced with dense fibrous tissue.

But with her condition, Ciera says she's lucky.

"I'm fortunate to have Amyoplasia, I know that sounds crazy to some people, but there are versions of it that are much worse," says Vaidya.

She has to rely on her husband to help her in and out of the chair, and her parents with their children.

"My kids are still little right now." says Vaidya. "They stay during the week with my parents because there are things I still can't do for them, and if they get in a bind, I might be a little slow."

Right now, she's the one in the bind with her wheelchair hanging on by a thread.

"I have a busted cushion which has been busted for a really long time. There's some malfunction going on with my joystick. My arms are broken, and as you can see, something has eaten up my arm pad." says Vaidya. "Recently my actuator, which allows the wheelchair to tilt, which prevents bed soars and numbness quit working on me last week. That's the biggest problem, and one of the motors is trying to die on me. I'm panicking a little, I'll be honest."

The chair is held up by a couple pieces of wood and string.

"I adapt and improvise," says Vaidya.

Ciera can get a new chair through medicare, but it will only cover 80 percent of the costs.

"They are dealing with thousands of people, and it can be a slow process and this one is coming undone on me. I figured, if I can raise the money to get a new chair, it would skip all the bureaucracy and get me into one sooner, and one that I will need," says Vaidya.

She started a GoFundMe page for help but nothing was really happening, until she got a message from someone she didn't expect.

"I couldn't believe it had already reached that far," says Vaidya.

A man all the way from the United Kingdom saw her page, and was able to donate $20 to her campaign.

"He's been trying to get it going since he found out about it, and it has been amazing to me," says Vaidya.

If you would like to help Ciera, click here for her GoFundMe page.

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