Shut off utilities at a Beaumont apartment are part of the reason tenants still displaced


The Kurtz family and 50 other apartment units at the Green Oaks apartment are still displaced after a fire destroyed six units.

"We might be able to go in with an escort," says Jessica Kurtz.

Kurtz was in the unit below where the fire occurred. The dramatic video of her escape was captured by a bystander and went viral soon after.

She says she hasn't been able to get into her apartment to get any of their belongings, living off of the money Red Cross was able to give them, and whatever they have available at her grandparents' home, where they are staying for the time.

"We're surviving," says Kurtz.

Those displaced from the apartment are living in neighboring buildings or sister apartments, something attorney David Barlow says is rare.

"A lot of times the obligations are we don't have a place for you to live so you don't owe us the rest of your contract because the complex can't provide what they've contractually agreed to provide," says Barlow.

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