Several flu cases reported in SE Texas

To stay healthy this Flu season, Doctors are encouraging many SE Texans to get their Flu Vaccinations.

"I was just so busy and I figured I'd have time to get it done, and I ended up home in bed for five days," Sandra Suson said.

Suson says around this time last year it was too late for her, she was sick with the flu, and believes it was because she did not receive her flu shot.

"It was terrible I love to work I don't like to be in bed, it was terrible, I slept for two days," Suson said.

Suson says the pain she went through while sick with the flu, was unbearable.

"The body aches you know it's not worth it, if you can get a vaccination for it get it done and you won't have to go through it," Suson said.

According to the Centers of Disease Control, 10,000 Texans died by flu and flu-related pneumonia last year.

Nurse Practitioner Adam Howe says flu vaccinations, are important to stay healthy.

Howe says the vaccination helps fights the virus, and decreases your chances of getting sick.

"It's usually this pattern there are always some early on cases but generally this is the time you see it start to pick up throughout the year," Howe said.

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