SETX Civilian Taskforce distributes supplies to Hardin County residents in need


Cars were parked and lined up for blocks outside the Sour Lake Volunteer Fire Department hours before the SETX Civilian Taskforce's distribution kicked off.

Christen Pipp and her mother-in-law had the first car in line, she says she knew how long a line for one of these could be.

"We can buy the necessities, the clothes, the pots and pans, whatever we don't get here, we can spend what we do get help with or from work on other things we need," says Pipp.

The group was given by supplies by the Red Cross, Houston's 'Pastor's Army, World Vision, and received help from the Hardin County Strong group.

"You don't always make that great of money and when you're out of work, it helps as well," says Pipp. You get more bills piled up and storage fees from stuff you were able to save, it helps out because you don't have to buy it."

SETX Civilian Taskforce founder Autumn Brown says Thursday had the most volunteers at the Sour Lake event than in the past, and although she says the large numbers is great, it's also discouraging.

"It's kind of a bittersweet thing because then it's sad to know there is still so many people that do need supplies and we're happy to help those people, but it's disheartening that people still need help," says Brown.

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