Sen. Ted Cruz promising help for Port Arthur residents

Sen. Ted Cruz promising help for Port Arthur residents affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

Senator Ted Cruz vowed to fight for Southeast Texas, saying he would help to get federal dollars to help with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey recovery.

KFDM/Fox 4’s Elaine Kong spoke with Cruz while he was at a shelter for flood victims in Port Arthur.

The senator listened as a woman demanded action to help flood victims recover.

Twice in two weeks Sen. Cruz has visited Port Arthur and seen the devastation.

"We need some action less talking more action," said Port Arthur resident Patricia Mooney.

Sen. Cruz heard from people like Mooney who say they're tired of hearing relief is coming.

"I don't know it's like we've been left out," said Mooney, who was evacuated from her home a week ago.

She took refuge at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, which is set to close as a shelter.

Last week, President Trump signed a bill for $15 billion in Harvey relief.

Mooney says the government needs to do more.

“Everyone recognizes that's just a down payment,” said Sen. Cruz. “Most of the estimates for the cost of rebuilding are north of a 100 billion dollars.”

Cruz says he dedicated a portion of his staff to Harvey relief efforts

He says he’s working with FEMA and Gov. Abbott to speed up assistance for housing.

"For the people in need of shelter, we are working in here at this shelter to find new shelters to temporary housing to permanent housing," Cruz said.

He says the city of Houston has received a lot of the post-hurricane attention, but he maintains Port Arthur isn't forgotten.

"Houston has been devastated, but I don't think there is a community in the whole State of Texas that has seen such incredible devastation like Port Arthur has," Cruz said.

Mooney was born in Port Arthur and don’t believe it’s all talk.

“It kind of felt like he was sincere about helping and not just helping a few but helping everybody,” Mooney said of Cruz. “He wants everybody to be helped.”

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