Robbery suspect escapes into nearby neighborhood

Orange Police are investigating a robbery at a Dollar General store on 16th Street.

Police say around closing time Saturday, a man wearing a disguise to cover his face demanded money while holding a black pistol.

As officers arrived, the suspect ran out the back door of the building and into a nearby neighborhood. Police say the suspect dropped all of the money onto the floor.

"I jumped up to see what was going on and I came outside and I looked down the road and I saw the police sitting there. There were flashing lights all around in the neighborhood and all," said Floyd McDuffie.

Many residents say this has happened before and believe the store may be an easy target for criminals due to its location.

"We keep our doors locked now but it's kind of scary. Somebody could be roaming the neighborhood and possibly break in," said McDuffie.

If you have any information contact the Orange Police Department.

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