Remembering SE Texas football legend Warren Wells


    Spectators called him a great athlete.

    "An outstanding receiver with blazing speed and great hands ," Arthur Louis said.

    Those who watched him play called him one of Beaumont's finest.

    "He was one of the first African American players coming from Beaumont, that did very well and made an impact in not only in Beaumont but in the nation."

    Louis grew up knowing the type of player Warren Wells was. A reputation for tearing up the field where Louis now coaches, Beaumont United. The school that was once Hebert High School.

    When wells transitioned to the NFL, his reputation only grew.

    "Right after I worked out for the raiders they found out that I was from Beaumont, and man that's all he could talk about was Warren Wells, Warren Wells," Louis said.

    Known for his precise route running, Wells' dominance recorded a league high one year of nearly 27 yards per catch.

    "To lead the league in touchdowns, to lead the league one year in total yards was phenomenal and which made it even more special was he was from Beaumont Texas."

    Others call Wells a staple in Beaumont for what he accomplished, and a reason Beaumont earned the persona as the football capital of the world. A man who will be missed by many, as a player and person.

    Wells also served two years in the U.S. Army.

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