Port Arthur customers thrilled at extended DPS hours


    The DPS office on 4th St. in Port Arthur has revamped its schedule back to normal business hours.

    A change that some customers agree will benefit others.

    "They're probably going to be happy about it instead of the long lines and waiting a lot," Gonzolo Riojas said.

    The office will now open at 8 a.m. and close a 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Different from earlier this year when the office was only open three days a week.

    "Unfortunately I'm off on Monday so I can get here early in the morning," Patti Steele said.

    Steele was at the office to renew her drivers license. She says the previous hours didn't seem to accommodate customers.

    "Most people just want to come. The availability is after work or right before work," Steele said.

    The goal is to miss the long lines.

    "I live in Orange, but every time I pass by the Orange DPS, the line is wrapped around, and I said I'll give Port Arthur a shot."

    Many customers like to open the door and handle their business face to face.

    DPS officials say some businesses can be handled online.

    One can renew a license or ID, change an address and other online services. An opportunity to skip the trip to the office.

    Then again, there's nothing wrong with doing it the old fashioned way.

    "I like it, by extending the hours more people have the opportunity, you know, because some people are real crowded it takes a long time. That's why i'm here," Cewillow Petry said.

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