Police Association: Officers leaving Port Arthur PD 'almost as fast as we can hire them'

Port Arthur PD Chief Patrick Melvin (KFDM/Fox 4 photo)

Officers are leaving the Port Arthur Police Department "almost as fast as we can hire them" because of an absence of leadership and practices by Chief Patrick Melvin and his administration, according to a local police association statement to city officials.

As KFDM/Fox 4 first reported in October, the Port Arthur Police Association lacks confidence in the chief and most of them voted to say as much in November.

Melvin, who was recently a candidate for the same job in St. Louis but was not selected, has said the resistance to his leadership is part of the uncomfortable process of change. He started as PAPD chief in October 2016.

But the police association says tenured officers have been sent a clear message that they no longer matter.

Distrust from the rank-and-file was highlighted after internal investigations into several officers for alleged wrongdoing.

Four officers were fired after internal investigations and three resigned while under internal investigation, according to Melvin.

KFDM/Fox 4 has obtained a 42-page letter to city leaders detailing concerns from the association with responses from Melvin.

You can read the back-and-forth here and here:

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