Plenty of smiles: Batman makes a surprise stop in Beaumont

    Batman stopped by Beaumont for a short visit Sunday, all to make little Wyatt Martin smile.

    Wyatt was born early and his mother, Heather, says he's battled health problems ever since.

    Most recently, Wyatt spent two weeks at Texas Children's with three blood clots in his brain.

    That's why Batman decided to come to Beaumont.

    Damon Cole has spent the last 13 years dressing up at superheroes and visiting sick children.

    That's on top of his full-time job as a Fort Worth police officer.

    "I've since seen hundreds of kids, been to sixteen states and now I feel it's why God put me here on this earth, I feel it's my calling," Cole said.

    Wyatt was shocked to see Batman in his driveway, but Heather says it will definitely boost his spirits over the next few weeks.

    If anyone would like to donate to help Cole travel the country, CLICK HERE.

    KFDM and 6 News on Fox's Kaily Cunningham has the story.

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