Newton County roads flood from Sabine River

Water rises to 172 ft. at the Sabine River in Newton County, causing the area to remain under a flood warning and frightening residents.

"it scares me. It scares me to death," Peal Kidd says.

A voluntary evacuation was issued Saturday with floodgates from Toledo Bend open for several days. Some residents say the releasing of water into the Sabine River puts them all in danger.

"Until it's necessary we got to go, we stay in there and fight till we absolutely got to move," Tommy Romero said.

Some residents believe it's time to come together as citizens and neighbors and stand up for their community.

"People are so stressed out. We got a lot of people that's already died. The older people because they can't stand the stress."

"It takes people in numbers to get something done and we going to get something done. I mean we got to protect people's lives and property," Larry Gibson said.

Residents say they plan to form a committee in SE Texas and speak with Texas government leaders in hopes of reducing the water level.

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