National voter registration day begins

National Voter Registration Day, is a reminder that anyone who wants to vote, must first register to vote.

Each year, millions of Americans miss out on the opportunity to vote, because they are not registered.

"I'm a new citizen of America and I've had my voters card the last few weeks, but I have not registered yet," Kasia Ridgeway said.

Ridgeway says during her citizenship process, she was given information on how to vote, but registering is different.

"At the Oath Ceremony we're given some leaflets with the information, but I have not spoke with anybody that would give me instruction, or where to go so I do not know," Ridgeway said.

At the Jefferson County Courthouse, the office of Allison Getz handles voter registration.

Getz job is to make voting and registration easy for citizens, and to give a message to all voters.

"The message that I really want to send is that we love registering people to vote, but it's actually getting out and vote yourself that's what's important," Getz said.

The deadline to register to vote is October 9th.

All that is needed is your registration application, and some for of ID.

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