Mosquito season is here; what's being done to fight against pesky insects

It's that time of the year again, Mosquito season. A time where there's more in the air than just flying insects.

"We're mosquito control we try to control the mosquito's when they come in but we can't get rid of everything," Kevin Sexton said.

Sexton, Jefferson County Mosquito Control, says it's been a slow start early on in the season, but being prepared for Zika Virus or the West Nile is always a top priority.

Mosquito control deploys their trucks and their planes to spay various areas in Mid-County.

"I think our county does a pretty good job of keeping on top of things and we see the mosquito planes very often and the trucks drive around the neighborhood so i'm not really worried about it," Cindy Huff said.

Sexton says Tropical Storm Harvey will not affect the amount of Mosquitoes produced in SE Texas, because it was considered a rain event and not a coastal event.

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