Man on trial for murder takes the stand to testify


    The defense of a man on trial for murder, calls witnesses to the stand to testify Friday. Seth Haynes, 21, tells the jury he fired the fatal shot in self defense.

    Haynes is on trial for the murder of Alex Straway, 23, in January of last year.

    Straway was shot, and his car was set on fire with the body inside.

    Haynes testified Friday, and said he had agreed to buy a gun from the victim for $500 from Straway, but then backed out of the deal.

    Haynes says he believes the dispute over the gun is what eventually led to Straway's death. He claims Straway sent threatening messages to him and his family for about a two-week period.

    While they were riding together at one point, Haynes says Straway had a gun and threatened to take him to a place he refused to be taken too.

    Haynes says in fear of his life, he shot Straway in the neck. He then moved his body to the backseat of the car and eventually lit the vehicle on fire.

    During cross examination, the State prosecutor detailed various stories Haynes has told since the night of the homicide, until his time of testimony.

    If convicted of murder, Haynes faces up to life in prison.

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