Texas mother trying to prevent drunk driving after son killed by drunk driver

BOY.Local mother on a mission to end drunk driving

Julie Walker is looking at family Christmas photos from recent years.

"Jordan would be a little bit younger than Jonathan," she said of her 2-year-old son Jordan, who was killed by a drunk driver.

She recalled the night he died.

"Got in the car to head home like any other night," she said.

The photos that Walker were looking at will never be complete.

She described the roadway the night that Jordan's life was taken too soon.

"Nobody in the left lane or right lane he just chose to hit us," Walker said.

Walker's life forever changed 25 years ago after a drunk driver struck the car she and her family were in, killing 2 and half year old Jordan.

"Not something I would wish on anyone," Walker said.

Her message this holiday season is simple.

"You don't have to drink and drive there are so many options," Walker said.

Walker isn't the only one who has the same belief.

"Drunk driving is totally preventable," said Captain Crystal Holmes with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

She says there is an increase of drunk drivers during new years. The reason why more deputies will be patrolling the streets during the holiday.

"Don't make that mistake, if you're not drinking be responsible for the others, take those keys call another friend if you can't handle them but we need to take control," Holmes said.

Walker shares the tragic story of her son's death.

"You have to live with the fact that you took an innocent little boys life that's all I can really say," she said.

Her goal: To convince at least one person from making the terrible decision to drink and drive.

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