Little Cypress Elementary students back on campus one year after Tropical Storm Harvey


    Principal Kayla Casey walks through the halls of Little Cypress Elementary's upgraded campus one year after Tropical Storm Harvey.

    "It's like a ray of sunshine in here," Casey said.

    The campus received water damage inside the building, rearranging students and staff.

    The storm forced everyone to share rooms and limited supplies at North Orange Baptist Church for the rest of the school year.

    Now, one year later, the campus has been restored.

    Walls are repainted, new tile is on the walls and there are new security doors.

    The changes have caught the eyes of the students.

    "They're noticing everything, the green tiles, and things are looking different than the church," Amanda Braus said.

    After extensive hours and teamwork, students are back home.

    Teachers have found a new bond with each other.

    "It's made you realize your priorities, and everybody worked as a team, and because of that I think we're going to have a much more successful year this year," Casey said.

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