Lessons learned for homeowners after Tropical Storm Harvey

Hurricane season has officially begun, nine months after Tropical Storm Harvey flooded the streets of Port Arthur and left thousands of homeowners without homes.

"I'm not even sure I'd like for it to rain again," Joann Webre said.

Webre continues to rebuild her home after Harvey. Her family of daughters continues to rebuild and picked up a couple hurricane lessons along the way.

"There's no way to prepare you for it until it suits you. It's just bad," Webre said.

Webre's daughter says it's important to have flood insurance, and securing a storage pod for the items that can be salvaged pays dividends.

Much work is still to be done. This family says in the end, nothing can prepare you for a storm like Harvey.

"I hope that everybody else that's in our same boat is able to get back in their homes, especially before the next hurricane," Webre said.

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