Incoming freshmen choosing Lamar University


    Lamar University is seeing more and more students make their way on campus.

    "I do see a lot of new faces now," said Elie Germain, a freshman.

    A lot of those faces are freshmen like Germain, who has noticed he has more colleagues walking side by side with him as he travels from building to building.

    "I don't see as many of the old faces as I used to see, because like they used to be familiar back in the fall semester, but spring semester it's a lot of new faces," Germain said.

    Those faces are incoming freshmen. There's been a 12% increase in admitted students over last fall.

    Deidra Mayer, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, says it's a trend working in LU's favor.

    "This is not the Lamar that was 10 years ago," Mayer said.

    New tutoring programs, new buildings, and all around success in men's and women's athletics. Mayer says all of that contributes to students choosing LU.

    "Having students see that we care for them and about them. I think that has helped us and it's paid in dividends with enrollment," Mayer said.

    "It's really diverse, and I've toured many campuses and I haven't found that in any of those," said sophomore Allison Harvey.

    Harvey says the diversity of her classmates played a big part in why she chose to become a Cardinal, along with the on campus resources.

    "You just have a lot of tutoring and people who love to help and make extra credit. It's just pretty awesome," Harvey said.

    "We're going to be able to offer you world class academics, but also you're going to get that great college experience that everyone wants," Mayer said.

    You can click here for more information about admissions and enrollment.

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