Homeowners fed up with flooding streets and drainage


    On Hays ave. in Groves streets were flooded after Wednesday's night rainfall.

    "When i woke up this morning the street was a little half-full," Bobby Colmier said.

    Colmier lives on this street.

    "But last night it got up to my rosebud right there that's small I've had it all the way up here," Colmier said.

    Colmier is one of many homeowners growing tired of what the rain does to his neighborhood.

    He say it's because of the drainage, and it's a continuous problem.

    "Since Harvey, it's worse we've had hurricanes here never flooded, but since Harvey for some reason or the other DD7 can't do their job," Colmier said.

    We spoke to Drainage District 7, and they say, since Tropical Storm Harvey improvements to its drainage system have been made all over the city.

    Mayor Brad Bailey agrees, he says the water is draining to where it needs to go, but what is key is how fast the rain falls and the water rises.

    Mayoral candidate Suzanne Williamson has her own views.

    "It's a multi-prong issue," Williamson said.

    Willamson says a tougher program and hiring of contractors will help, and citizens taking care of their own storm drains being filled with debris.

    "Mattresses, TV's, bags of garbage in the open drainage system that's a big problem."

    A problem that will take a collective effort to resolve.

    "We need to all work together the citizens, the city, and DD7, so that we can have a real solution for the citizens because it's their tax dollars paying for all this and what they say matters."

    Meanwhile, what matters to Colmier, is the safety of his home.

    "If I get water in my house and I have to evacuate my wife out somebody's going to pay," Colmier said.

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