Haynes sentenced to 40 years, $5,000 fine for murder of Alex Straway

Seth Haynes

A jury has decided on a 40 year sentence and a $5,000 fine for Seth Haynes in the murder of Alex Straway, 23.

Haynes faced up to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine for the murder conviction.

The week long trial included more than 20 witnesses.

Straway's mother says she was satisfied with verdict and addressed Haynes in the courtroom before he was taken into custody.

The mother offered him blessings, but says she will do everything in her power to prevent Haynes from getting out of prison early.

The jury reached its decision Tuesday morning after beginning deliberations Monday afternoon in Judge John Stevens' courtroom.

The jury convicted Haynes last Friday.

Haynes shot Straway in his car in January of last year, then set the car on fire with the body inside it.

Haynes claims he felt threatened because he said Straway had a gun in the car and he claimed the two argued about the sale of a gun.

Straway's mother testified Monday and said she was in disbelief when her son was killed. She says she was unable to see her son one last time because the burns on his body were too extensive.

Seth Haynes has the right to an appeal.

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