Strong turnout for day two of early voting in Hardin County


    Early voting turnout continues to surge at the Hardin County Courthouse.

    "I was going to beat the big traffic of everybody coming, and obviously it's been a really big turnout," said Shandalynn Fowler.

    Tuesday, 819 people cast early voting ballots in person in Hardin County, close to their record setting day Monday of 890.

    Early voter John Traugott says it's no shock more voters are heading to the polls early.

    "I think everybody realizes the importance of this. I've seen more people engaged and in line to vote than I've ever seen," said Traugott.

    Traugott says the current climate in politics is driving voters to the polls.

    "It's a heated atmosphere. I think it's a very divided country right now. I think people are, most people want their voice to be heard, and this is the best way to do it and peaceful way to do it."

    "There's been a lot of dividing lines, and I think people are really wanting their opinions and they're really wanting their vote to count," Fowler said.

    Hardin County sees only a handful of local races on its ballots. Many might have their minds made up, but Fowler thinks long and hard before making her decision.

    "I've really just been split with a lot of lines, just because the different platforms they've reflected different things, so I've just tried to find my happy medium," Fowler said.

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