Growing concern for campus security; officers encouraged to be alert

Loved ones of High School students react to the mass shooting that took place just 77-miles from local campuses.

"You just never want to get that call you know saying that your cousins have been shot," Timothy Grisby said.

the tragedy left nine students and one teacher dead. Now, the eyebrows are raised for campus police.

BISD Police Chief Joseph Malborough wants his officers to be even more alert.

"We are encouraging and sharing with our administrators as well as even with our students if you see something say something," Malborough said.

Malborough says in the state of Texas, all campus police go through CRAS, also known as, Civilian Response Active Shooter training.

"Seconds matter our children's welfare staff our personnel on that campus matters," Malborough said. "So our officers are trained and will immediately respond to locate that threat and neutralize

that threat."

Many parents across the state say they are more concerned than ever.

"It worries me it worries a lot of parents about their kids going to school and a lot of people are homeschooling their kids now because of all of this," Carlton Long said.

BISD says campus officers will continue to training, and prioritizing campus safety.
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