Groves resident raises question about PREPS program for Harvey victims

Groves residents raises question about PREPS program for Harvey victims

Scott Lovelace doesn't consider himself a Harvey victim.

His home endured minimal damage.

However representatives with FEMA's newly integrated program, PREPS, offered him help to repair his home.

PREPS stands for Partial And Essential Power for Sheltering.

PREPS is a joint Texas General Land Office and FEMA program designed following Hurricane Harvey to provide temporary repairs that allow a homeowner to remain in their home as it is being restored.

"When you come into somebodies house you should fix it better than the way you left it," Lovelace said. "But you're not supposed to leave it worse."

Lovelace says two contractors showed up to his home in the month of February. He says it was unusual from the beginning, the two workers were unprofessional. He says the workers did more harm to his house than they did good.

He says the workers left holes in his wall, plumbing, and electrical work was left unfinished.

Lovelace, a contractor himself, says the wiring done by the workers, was a hazard to him and his family.

"Basically left it in their hands to fix the problem and they sent somebody certified to come out and do it, but it seemed like they didn't help," Lovelace said.

Lovelace says he tried contacting FEMA, but was unable to do so. It wasn't until a couple weeks that, he says, he received a phone call.

Lovelace says his issue isn't with PREPS, but with the contractors that are being sent to work on homes.

He says not everyone is qualified to work on a house and families should be aware of who is helping to restore their home.

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