Friends of 20-year-old victim visit motorcycle crash scene


Tiffany Roedahl and Leigha Courville went to the corner of 4th and Bowie to remember their friend Monday morning.

"I just wish I could tell him one more time. That's all I think about... just tell him I love him," says Roedahl.

They came to remember 20-year-old Tyler Lisenby. Lisenby died early Sunday morning as he was traveling north on 4th street, when the motorcycle he was on crashed. He died at the scene.

Police arrested Marcos Cisneros, a friend of Lisenby's who was known to be at the scene of the crash. He was arrested at his home, which Sgt. Cody Guedry of Beaumont Police says raised suspicions.

"The one thing that sticks out to us is that he left the scene... he dropped off his girlfriend for one and then left," says Guedry.

Cisneros was arrested for city warrants and Guedry says the investigation is ongoing.

Roedahl and Courville are left remembering the moments of laughter with their friend.

"We just laughed, that was the last thing I'd ever heard from him was his laugh," says Courville.

Knowing he'll be watching over them.

"He'll be here in memory. He'll be watching over us making sure that we're safe now."

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