FOX4 Special Report: How much is possible rate increase for Entergy customers?

    Entergy Texas is asking the Public Utilities Commission to approve a rate increase for customers, so it can recoup $2.7 million it spent on projects in 2018. But how much will it cost customers each month?

    A change could be coming for Entergy customers: an increase to their monthly bill.

    Customers started receiving a notice in the mail at the end of 2018. It details how and why Entergy Texas made a Transmission Cost Recovery Factor filing (or TCRF) with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

    The company needs to recover $2.7 million spent on new projects between January and September of 2018.

    Kacee Kirschvink, Senior Communications Specialist for Entergy Texas, cites the growth of the Golden Triangle as part of the reason for the projects.

    "Because we have more people and more growth in the area, we need to provide more transmission opportunities to get power to these new locations," says Kirschvink.

    But another reason for the new projects is the Tropical Storm Harvey effect. At the time the storm hit, additional resources had to be used, because multiple substations were flooded.

    And now, just like much of Southeast Texas, Entergy is still working to recover and reconstruct some substations.

    If the PUCT approves the rate increase, the average residential customer will see an increase in their bill of around 23 cents.

    It could be this month or later when the increase starts showing up on the bills. It depends on if/when the rate increase is approved.

    Watch the video to hear Kirschvink further explain the need for new projects.

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