Feral hogs destroy yards of homeowners; city working toward resolution

Feral hogs are becoming a concern for homeowners in Port Neches. The wild animals tear apart landscaping and destroy flower beds while looking for grub worms.

"I hope they never come back because they really did a number. They did. I didn't think the grass would grow back. I really didn't," said Shirley Lavender.

Lavender says the hogs ruined her front and backyard. She has since found a solution to keep those pesky hogs away from her home.

"I put mothballs out and after that none of them come back," Lavender said.

However, some residents haven't been so lucky. Port Neches Animal Control says it's a statewide problem. Now, the city has reached out to ExxonMobil for help to get funding and more equipment to fight the feral hogs.

"Wild one's got a hold of my brother and it took 136 stitches in him," said Lillie Littlefield.

If you ever come face to face with a feral hog, remember, they hate loud noises and light.

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