Family ready to move forward after PA woman gets 18 years for intox. manslaughter


Pamela Fields' family says this day was long awaited, but now that Vanessa Davis has received her punishment, their family can move on.

Davis was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter for a crash that happened back on July 5, 2015.

Investigators say on that day, Davis got behind the wheel after smoking crack cocaine, she then drove down Gulfway Drive in Port Arthur, crashing near 9th avenue and St. James church.

As she crashed, the car flipped several times, throwing Fields from the car, killing her.

Officers at the scene testified that Davis was angry, combative and uncooperative at the crash scene, despite having a huge forehead injury.

During the trial, Fields' sister Jacqueline McGee testified, saying if Davis had shown some remorse it would have helped their family move on.

On Wednesday, it took the jury just 1 hour to convict Davis. She then opted for a judge sentence rather than a jury sentence.

Judge West, after hearing from both women's families, chose to sentence Davis to 18 years in prison. She will be eligible for parole after 9 years, and has about 1.5 years of time served.

During the sentencing, West says Davis' actions were not an accident, but rather a deliberate decision that she made to get behind the wheel after smoking crack cocaine.

Now, Fields' family says they're able to keep her memory alive, but will be ready to move on.

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