Customers pull up to find Beaumont Toys "R" Us store already closed

    The Beaumont Toys "R" Us is closed, only staying open for customers who previously purchased store fixtures or equipment. (Photo: FOX4)

    It's the end of an era for popular children's toy store Toys “R” Us.

    The retailer is closing up shop for good after announcing bankruptcy in 2017.

    Customers were driving into the parking lot of the Beaumont store on Friday, expecting to get last minute deals. However, it was already closed.

    "A lot of people couldn't believe it,” said Truett Cheek, a Toys “R” Us customer. “They don't know why. They thought they did good business."

    "We tried to go yesterday and saw the signs in the windows saying it was closed,” said Michelle Willey, another Toys “R” Us customer. “My daughter was quite upset."

    No stuffed bears, Barbies, or bikes left.

    "I mean, it's sad,” said Willey. “I hate to see businesses going out of business. You know, I think online and internet sales has a lot to do with it."

    "I don't like the fact that it closed just because that was my treat when it was little,” said Christine Ohlrich, reminiscing on trips to the toy-filled building.

    Cheek was able to buy a ladder out of the deal, as the store emptied shelves, store fixtures, and equipment.

    "They had a 50% off sale on a lot of the stuff," said Cheek.

    Customers now filled with memories of the iconic store, seen as a kid's playland.

    “This is where I came and bought all my kids Christmas presents and birthday presents,” said Cheek. “Here it was just easy to come in and shop here, you know, to find something."

    "My mom would say, you know, 'if you're good in the store, we'll go get Toys “R” Us’ and that was our thing as a kid," said Ohlrich.

    Now, these customers have to find another retailer where they can find the best toy selection for their tots.

    "So, we'll just have to see what happens next,” said Willey. “Today we spent a lot of time in the toy section of Target."

    "There's a lot of other toy stores out there, it's just, I don't think there'll be ones quite as good as Toys “R” Us,” said Ohlrich.

    "Walmart or somewhere maybe, but they don't have to me the selection that they have here," said Cheek.

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