Bevil Oaks water bills are coming, but pay close attention

Recovering From Harvey

The city of Bevil Oaks is advising residents to monitor incoming water bills, in case the amounts charged are erroneous.

Bevil Oaks city officials sent over the following statement Friday afternoon:

Please be advised that water bills will be mailed out today. It is imperative that each of you take a few moments to look over your water usage for any unusual amounts billed. We were able to pull the bills that have clearly erroneous amounts charged, but there may be some that have slipped through the cracks.
The user fees must be on the water bills, and are not subject to adjustment. These fees cover the yearly payments for the meters purchased two years ago, as well as the $2 million dollar bond payments required for the sewer project.
We have a dispute form for water bills available now at City Hall. It is a short form that will only take a few moments to complete. You will be able to explain why you believe your water bill is incorrect, as well as update or confirm your contact information. Correct contact information will help us ensure we get vital information to you in a timely manner.
Reviews of charges will take at least three business days to assess. The due date for this cycle is January 2. We want to help expedite that review process, so please get dispute forms back to us as quickly as possible.
If you are not able to pick up a form from City Hall, please email us at or call us with your e-mail address. We will then scan and send you a form.
As a reminder, our main phone number, 409.753.1475, is back up and running. We can also be reached with questions and concerns about water issues at
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