Bevil Oaks to receive $4 million grant to elevate homes

Bevil Oaks to receive $4 million grant to elevate homes

The Texas Water Development Board authorized more than $4 million dollars of grant money for elevation projects in Bevil Oaks.

The city received unparalleled water during Tropical Storm Harvey, some houses had over six feet of water in their homes.

While this won't stop a 'thousand year flood' from entering their homes, it may stop future floods from causing damage.

"It's an answered prayer," says Rex Simmons.

Simmons raised his home two feet in December 2016. His house received four feet of water.

"Most of the residents here have been praying that those that are choosing and desiring to stay, maybe they have difficult situations where they can't elevate, can't afford to elevate," says Simmons. "[I hope] the selection of those homes that are gonna be elevated would be where it's most needed."

Mayor Rebecca Ford says the grants will also drop insurance rates for the 31 homes that are elevated.

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