Bevil Oaks debris pick up set for end of month

It's now eight months since Tropical Storm Harvey flooded the streets of Bevil Oaks. Some families lost their homes, and many residents left with the sight of debris now flooding their streets.

"A lot of people you know have decided to come back and decided to gut their homes and so the debris piles back up and out in the neighborhoods so that's a disappointment but it's a reality," Bruce Poland said.

Poland says his home received up to six feet of water from the storm. He says many residents continue to salvage what was lost during Harvey, and the debris is a sign of homeowners doing what they can to restore their homes.

Piles of Sheetrock, Insulation, and damaged items are located on many Bevil Oaks roads. Some residents say their city is beautiful, but you can't tell from the shape it's in now.

"On some of the streets they're pretty bad but it's a lot of debris because a small community like this is not built for major disaster," Poland said.

According to TXDOT, the last and final pass for debris clean up is April 30th.

Click link for list of items not eligible for pickup: City of Bevil Oaks

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