Beaumont ISD: Tuberculosis case confirmed at West Brook HS

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There is a single confirmed case of Tuberculosis at Beaumont's West Brook HS, but Dr. Msonthi Levine says, it shouldn't cause much concern.

"It's almost like the flu," says Levine. "The history of Tuberculosis in or country, it still raises eyebrows and gets a lot of our attention."

Levine says medication has advanced, and left Tuberculosis with far more treatments than in the past.

"A lot of people have been exposed, they don't have any symptoms, they're never going to have a problem and it's nothing to worry about," says Levine.

The local health department determined the exposure time was between Oct. 31 & Feb. 2, according to Beaumont ISD.

Tuberculosis is a disease spread through prolonged, close exposure to someone who has the germ in his/her lungs. Exposure is most likely to occur when a person with TB is actively coughing, but it can usually be prevented or treated with the appropriate medications.

In a letter to parents Thursday, BISD said the health department would notify parents through their child's campus if TB testing is required.

Beaumont ISD spokeswoman Nakisha Burns released the following statement Friday:

Beaumont ISD is fully cooperating and has followed all directives set forth by the Beaumont Public Health Department. Upon confirmation of the next steps, the district immediately took action to notify parents and students. As more information is provided, Beaumont ISD will keep parents informed of any new updates.

Testing of impacted students is tentatively scheduled for early April, according to the BISD letter to parents.

The health department will be at the West Brook campus to test potentially impacted students.

The school district is discouraging parents from having students tested by their own physician prior to campus testing at the risk of an inaccurate result.

Call the Beaumont Health Department at (409) 654-3603 if you have any questions.

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