Tax cut prompts Beaumont business to award bonuses to 100+ employees


A Beaumont business owned by a woman is awarding bonuses to more than 100 employees because it says the recent tax cut package Congress approved and signed into law by President Trump is allowing it to 'share the wealth.'

Leak Sealers is in the on-stream leak sealing business and works with local plants. The company says business has been good and it will benefit from the tax cuts.

The company decided to share the wealth and give something back to its employees by rewarding more than 100 with bonuses.

“We’ve been incredibly successful, and I’ve never seen anything like it, the way business has been roaring. We’re appreciative and we want to share it with our employees,” said CEO Henry Adams. “One reason I’m doing this is I want more of my buddies out leading other local businesses to see it and take care of their folks,” added Adams.

Other companies, including KFDM/KBTV's parent company, Sinclair Broadcasting, as well as Lowe's and Best Buy, are rewarding employees with bonuses linked to the tax cut.

Leak Sealers is a woman-owned certified engineering company in the on-stream leak sealing business.

The company has offices in Lumberton, Nederland, Deer Park and Sweeny, Texas, as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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